Grid 900mm x 600mm [35.43" x 23.62"] Donut Dot Cr/Glass
Close Grid 900mm x 600mm [35.43" x 23.62"] Donut Dot Cr/Glass


Stock No. FA019

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Glass Dimensions

38” x 26” x 0.25” 

(965.2mm x 660.4mm x 6mm)

Pattern Area

35.47” x 23.66”

(901mm x 601mm)

Outer Dot Diameter



Inner Dot Diameter



Dot Spacing (Center to center)




These precision English and Metric Grid and Dot Arrays are manufactured from Select Soda Lime Glass.

They are ideally suited for set up and calibration of Optical and other Two Dimensional X-Y Stages and Measurement Systems.




When built into our Air Cooled Light Boxes and used in conjunction with our MicroRules or MicroScales they provide a complete solution for measurement of photoplotted images, phototooling and two dimensional parts and features.


They can also be built into OEM pattern generation and measurement equipment and used with Optical and X-Ray Machine Vision Systems for “on-the-fly” X-Y location and calibration. Grid and Dot Patterns are chrome on clear glass with Donut dots.

Each Array includes carrying case for protection during storage. In addition to the standard “Certificate of Accuracy”, any Array can be individually calibrated to provide “Certified Calibration” Traceable to N.I.S.T.


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